I have an abiding passion about photography; it's a passion that combined with insatiable curiosity, drives me to take my creativity to new levels. Any good photographer has the capacity not only to create a memory but also to transform and sometimes transcend it. Utilizing light, skill and timing, great photography can take the memory of a person, event or location and replace the memory with the image, in your mind. I can do that. I've done that.

I have 19 years experience in the field, and that experience has shown me that there is still plenty to learn and my best photograph might be the next one I take. I've worked for such publications as, The Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, The St Albert Gazette and Vue magazine. I would describe myself as a generalist photographer, who specializes in portraits and people.

I live in Vancouver's west end and I like people, cats, dogs and my favorite fruit is tomatoes.


Peter Taylor Photography